French national and local Governments are to distribute free tickets to communities in France ©Getty Images

French authorities are to distribute free tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games under the "Tous aux Jeux" scheme which is intended to make the events accessible to all.

Around 100,000 tickets for the Olympics are to be distributed through "une Billetterie Populaire" - People's Ticket Office - and a further 300,000 are expected be made available for the Paralympics.

The venture has an estimated cost to the French Government of around €11 million (£9.6 million/$12 million).

One hundred thousand tickets are to be given to volunteers in sport.

"It is normal that the state should offer them something," Olympic and Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra said.

"Sport goes on thanks to them, they give free time to the community." 

Seventy thousand of the tickets are expected to be allocated through federations, whether those affiliated to the National Olympic Committee or approved by the Ministry of Sport or Paris 2024.

Another 260,000 are expected to go to primary, secondary and high school pupils.

Of these, 60,000 are set to be distributed for the Olympics and the remainder for the Paralympics.

French Sports and Olympic Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra has backed the scheme to distribute free Olympic tickets ©Getty Images
French Sports and Olympic Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra has backed the scheme to distribute free Olympic tickets ©Getty Images

An allocation is also to be made to clubs who promote accessibility for those with disabilities as part of the national scheme of "inclusive clubs".

A further 24,000 tickets are to be reserved for those in occupations such as law enforcement, health workers and administrative workers.

"This is to reward all those who contribute to the organisation and success of this event," the Sports Ministry added.

Local authorities are also establishing their own schemes to hand out tickets.

The City of Paris is expected to distribute 20,000 Olympic and 30,000 Paralympic tickets to young people, and those involved in sport, city officials and Games volunteers.

In Seine-Saint-Denis, it is expected that 16,000 tickets will be allocated for the Olympics and 24,000 for the Paralympics.

Four thousand are set to be supplied by the Organising Committee.

The Ile de France area is expected to spend €3.5 million (£3.06 million/$3.82 million) on 50,000 tickets.

Of these, 35,000 are expected to be distributed for the Olympics.

The Plaine Commune area, which includes Saint-Denis, envisages buying 22,000 tickets in addition to the 8,000 given by Paris 2024.

These will also be distributed to schools, members of sports clubs and vulnerable members of society.

It is expected that the allocation of tickets under the scheme will be completed by Spring 2024 at the latest.

The first phase of Paris 2024 ticket sales to members of the public has now ended - and allowed fans to create Games packs for three sports.

Organisers faced criticism that many of the tickets were too expensive.