World Lacrosse is looking for host cities for four of their World Championship events ©World Lacrosse

World Lacrosse has launched the host city bidding process for the four World Championships scheduled between 2025 and 2027.

The first competition will be the Men's Under-20 Championship, due to take place in 2025. 

The United States are the defending champions after winning the 2022 event in Ireland.

The Women's Under-20 Championship is next on the list and is due to be held in 2026.

The last World Lacrosse Women's Championship took place in 2022, with a record-setting 30 teams involved, and the United States victors.

During the 2026-2027 season, World Lacrosse will introduce the Sixes Championships, which will provide a global platform for the new lacrosse discipline that showcases speed, skill, excitement and accessibility as nations field six players.

The sixes discipline was introduced at the World Games in 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, where Canada won both the men's and women's events.

The final event that is set to be held in that period is the 2027 World Lacrosse Men's Championship, due to be held in June in San Diego.

Lacrosse was an Olympic sport up until 1948, but was discontinued due to the lack of nations competing in it ©Getty Images
Lacrosse was an Olympic sport up until 1948, but was discontinued due to the lack of nations competing in it ©Getty Images

The event has been running since 1967, with the United States holding the most titles with 10.

Lacrosse has shown popularity in the United States, as the sport had a total of 10.7 million minutes streamed in 2022 across the channels ESPN+, Olympic Channel and Lax Sports Network, which total 417,000 unique viewers.

Jim Scherr, the World Lacrosse chief executive, spoke on the opportunity of hosting lacrosse events.

"Cities or organisations interested in hosting a World Championship have an opportunity to partner with World Lacrosse and write their own special chapter in the continued growth of our game," said Scherr.

"Cities can further their reputation as premier destinations for international sport and business, while inspiring the next generation of sport participants around the world and in their community."

Currently, there are 85 nations that are members of the lacrosse community, as the sport looks to return to the Olympics after being removed in 1948 due to the lack of popularity at that time.

The International Olympic Committee granted World Lacrosse provisional status in 2018 and the sport is one of nine on the shortlist for inclusion at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics.