Jonnie Peacock is a two-time Paralympic gold medallist in the 100 metres T44 ©ParalympicsGB

ParalympicsGB and Toyota have announced the launch of the "Every Body Moves" initiative, which encourages disabled people to become active.

One-hundred-and-fifty people have already taken part in a "come and try" session.

This involved sports such as archery, dance, wheelchair basketball and table tennis, and took place at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.

Paralympic athletics gold medallists Hannah Cockroft and Jonnie Peacock were also at the event to help motivate those who attended.

"Sport is everything," said Peacock.

"There's a social element, there is the physiological response, you're actually getting fitter and also the fact that you actually get a rush of dopamine when you move.

"Every Body Moves powered by Toyota is just about happiness. 

"It's about getting people involved in sport and offering everyone something accessible to them."

The two organisations have been in partnership since 2018, as they aim to improve the lives of those living with a handicap through sport.

This led to them winning a Sports Industry Award in the category of Active and Wellbeing in 2022.

ParalympicsGB has done research during the COVID-19 pandemic, which concluded that disabled people were affected more by lockdowns.

Jonnie Peacock says that playing sports is just happiness, which is a goal for
Jonnie Peacock says that playing sports is just happiness, which is a goal for "Every Body Moves" ©Getty Images

Disabled people are almost twice as likely as able-bodied people to claim that they are unable to find suitable activities nearby.

They are also twice as likely as non-disabled people to say they are feeling "lonelier and more isolated" now when compared to before the pandemic.

Of the disabled people in Britain, 82 per cent of them could name at least one reason why they are unable to participate in physical activities, while 48 per cent agreed that being part of an inclusive group of people that participate in sports is good for them.

Dave Clarke, the chief executive of ParalympicGB, spoke on the goals of the initiative.

"Every Body Moves is an exciting initiative aiming to connect with even more disabled people across the UK and promote inclusive sport," said Clarke.

"I would like to thank Toyota for their ongoing commitment to building on the successes we have already achieved to empower more disabled people to become active in a way that is right for them.

"Our research demonstrates the importance of this launch given the disproportionate impact of the pandemic and cost of living challenges on the disabled community, something which I have experienced first-hand myself as a disabled person.

"Disabled people tell us that representation is a crucial part of breaking down barriers to participation in physical activity and this is why it is so important we celebrate the benefit of movement for every body."

The "come and try" session featured 150 people ©ParalympicsGB

Car giant Toyota is a top tier sponsor of both the Olympics and Paralympics.

Stuart Sanders, Toyota's director of communications, is looking forward to continuing the partnership with ParalympicsGB.

"We're looking forward to our continued partnership with ParalympicsGB in evolving the Para-sport platform as Every Body Moves," said Sanders.

"Our relationship with the Olympics and Paralympics - the pinnacles of sporting success - is well known, but as part of our mission to achieve better mobility for all, it's great that this initiative will reach the grassroots of sports, enabling everyone to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of physical activity."