USA Cycling hope that more than 700 people will take part in the Search for Speed tryouts in 2023 ©USA Cycling

USA Cycling have launched Search for Speed, a talent identification programme in "diverse and under-represented communities" in Los Angeles, which they hope will produce cyclists who can make it to the 2028 Olympics Games.

The scheme has been supported by the Rapha Foundation, which supports cycling initiatives across the world.

It was launched in Santa Monica where Look Cycle and Watt Bike provided equipment.

"Our goal with Search for Speed is to go into the local LA communities and introduce them to the wonders of track cycling, in particular sprint track cycling," said USA Cycling chief executive Brendan Quirk.

"We’re looking for kids who are exceptional athletes in more traditional sports, like football, basketball, soccer, and get them exposed to bike racing."

In the initial phase, participants were given two minutes to warm up on a Watt Bike before a six-second peak power test. 

"The Search for Speed project is at the heart of our partnership with USA Cycling and finding new athletes and improving their performance is in the Wattbike DNA," said Wattbike chief executive Richard Baker.

After the test each athlete was given a report card comparing their results with members of the US national team.

Results were also placed on a digital leaderboard and participants were given information about how to continue with cycling.

More than a dozen tryout sessions are set to be held over the next few months.

"We are excited to be part of this effort to bring cycling to diverse and under-represented communities, giving unprecedented opportunities for young talents to become the champion of tomorrow, and maybe an Olympic medalist," Look Cycle chief executive Federico Musi added.

USA Cycling is hoping to have more than 700 participants in tryouts in 2023.

Those who pass through the scheme successfully will be invited to the national training headquarters at the VELO Sports Center.