The Henryk Reyman Stadium will be reconstructed into a more modern stadium with a PLN100 million budget ©European Games

The Polish Government is set to allocate PLN350 million ($78.1 million/£64.8 million/€73.7 million) into different areas of infrastructure to improve facilities for the residents of Kraków, Poland.

Of the PLN350 million, PLN200 million ($44.6 million/£37 million/€42.1 million) will go towards improving the traffic situation in Zakopianka, with PLN150 million ($33.5 million/£27.7 million/€31.5 million) being used to restructure the sports base.

Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of Kraków, stressed the importance of the 2023 European Games to the city.

"The European Games bring real profits," said Majchrowski.

"Thanks to multi-million support, important renovations and modernisations of roads, tracks and pavements as well as the construction of cycle paths will be carried out. 

"Strategic urban investments can also count on co-financing."

Witold Kozłowski, Marshall of the Małopolska Voivodship, also expressed the value the new funds will bring to the country.

“Thanks to the agreement, a number of key infrastructure investments will be realised in the regional capital," said Kozłowski.

"They will serve the inhabitants for many years. 

"This is another value of organising this event in our Voivodship."

Kraków will host the 2023 European Games after being voted unanimously as host in 2019 ©Getty Images
Kraków will host the 2023 European Games after being voted unanimously as host in 2019 ©Getty Images

The PLN200 million used to improve the traffic system will be divided into an extension of eight streets, the reconstruction of three streets, new tram tracks, and a new traffic system beside the university hospital.

In addition to the reconstruction of the streets, around PLN50 million ($11.1 million/£9.2 million/€10.5 million) will be allocated to improve cycle paths in Kraków, including the construction of a pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Vistula.

The European Union will be helping Kraków create a PLN500 million ($111.6 million/£92.6 million/€105.2 million) tram system that includes 60 new trams.

Of the PLN150 million that is going towards the restructuring of a sports base, PLN100 million ($22.3 million/£18.5 million/€21 million) will be allocated into modernising the Henryk Reyman Stadium, which will include ventilation, air conditioning, heating, as well as electrical and tele technical systems.

Another PLN43 million ($9.6 million/£7.9 million/€9 million) will be used for the whitewater canoeing course at the Kolna Sports Centre, upgrading the track bed along the entire 320 metres of its length, and renovations from the bottom.

The final amount used for the sports base will be invested in a 3×3 basketball court at the 100th Anniversary Hall of KS Cracovia, which is a sports centre for handicapped individuals, costing around PLN39 million ($8.7 million/£7.2 million/€8.2 million).

The 2023 European Games are scheduled to run from June 21 to July 2, with 48 nations set to compete in 26 sports.