Denise Herrmann-Wick won women's sprint gold at the IBU World Championships ©Getty Images

Beijing 2022 Olympic champion Denise Herrmann-Wick surged to women's sprint gold at the International Biathlon Union (IBU) World Championships.

The German triumphed in front of a home crowd in Oberhof as she completed the 7.5-kilometres course after 21min 19.7sec.

"Unbelievable - to be at home here and have zero-zero in the sprint with this crowd at a home World Championships and to have a gold medal…I have not words for this," she said.

"It is pure happiness!

"There was a balance between staying focused and enjoying the atmosphere.

"I had a really hard heartbeat the first time today on Birxsteig and in the mixed relay - I knew I was in good shape.

"I knew everything is possible.

"My sleep was not so calm last night, but I tried to stay focused and be in a relaxing mode.

"The good music in the stadium and the spectators - it is so crazy, my family is around here.

"I tried to enjoy it, but I was also really nervous."

Herrmann-Wick started strong before going full speed on the last lap to pull away from Sweden's Hanna Oeberg who also shot clean but finished 2.2 off the pace for silver.

Oeberg's compatriot Linn Persson was also flawless on the shooting range and claimed her first individual World Championships podium finish with a bronze medal 26.2 away from the German.

Norway's Marte Olsbu Roeiseland, with one penalty finished fourth, with 31.3 separating her from the gold medal.

Italy's Lisa Vittozzi, also with a sole penalty finished fifth, 45.8 slower than the leader and Marketa Davidova of Czech Republic shot clean as she finished sixth, 4.7 off Vittozzi.

The result marks Herrmann-Wick's second world title after she clinched victory in the 10km pursuit at Östersund 2019.