USA Weightlifting has appointed a new chair and vice-chair ©Getty Images

USA Weightlifting has confirmed Nick Maietta as its new chair of the Board, with Shameeka Quallo joining as the vice-chair.

Both independent directors were elected by their fellow Board members and are to hold these roles for the next two years.

"We're honoured to have been elected by the Board to the positions of chair and vice chair for the 2023-2024 Board term," said Maietta and Quallo in a joint statement.

"We intend to use our combined professional experiences in compliance, legal matters and business development to progress USA Weightlifting's mission of supporting our athletes in achieving excellence and supporting a diverse and inclusive community of weightlifting."

Maietta is sitting his second term on the Board, having first joined in 2019 before being re-elected in December 2022.

Quallo is still in her inaugural term, scheduled to end in 2024.

Maietta has worked in management consulting, business development and technology law; and served as a United States marine in Afghanistan.

Quallo is currently the associate general and senior director of diversity, equality and inclusion of Major League Baseball side Chicago Cubs.

Shameeka Quallo works with Chicago Cubs on diversity and inclusion ©Getty Images
Shameeka Quallo works with Chicago Cubs on diversity and inclusion ©Getty Images

She has also worked with disenfranchised communities, donating to organisations that engage young people.

"I am extremely excited to work with Nick and Shameeka in their new officer positions," said USA Weightlifting chief executive Matt Sicchio.

"They both bring tremendous leadership skills and a genuine commitment to service of our sport and community. 

"As the Board leadership torch is passed to Nick and Shameeka, we are grateful for the important contributions of Paula Aranda and Jenny Schumacher, who previously served in these roles, and look forward to building on their legacy as we continue to push USA Weightlifting to new heights."

Sicchio replaced Phil Andrews as USA Weightlifting chief executive last year, who departed to take up the same role at USA Fencing.

There are two at-large, coach and technical, elite athlete, grassroots, independent and national team athlete Board members respectively, with one from each of the six categories elected every two years.

The 2023-2024 Board also consists of Michael Choi, Sara Soto, Mario Dispenza, Sally Van de Water, Erin Andica, Jordan Cantrell, Andy Coggins, Jenny Schumacher, Tayler Harris and John McGovern.