The Swedish Olympic Committee has appointed a new secretary general ©Getty Images

The Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK) has appointed Åsa Edlund Jönsson as the new secretary general of the body, and she is due to follow International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Gunilla Lindberg in the position.

Jönsson, a journalist by trade, had been the sports manager of television channel SVT  since 2016 and is to depart for her new role in February 2023, also taking over the responsibilities from operations manager Peter Reinebo.

"I am incredibly proud and honoured to be given responsibility for the Olympic Movement in Sweden," said Jönsson. 

"In my eyes, this is the most important managerial job in Swedish elite sports and I will take on this task with full force to try to ensure great Olympic success for Sweden in the future as well.

"I have had the privilege of covering several Olympic Games on-site and my strongest sporting memories are all Olympic moments. 

"I also know what enormous significance the Olympics have for the Swedish people when we gather as a nation in front of the television to cheer on our blue and yellow stars. 

"Sport has an important role in creating role models in today's society and I believe that we can create a better world through sport.

"It is a job that comes with great expectations and high goals, both in terms of medals and strengthened funding to give Swedish Olympians the absolute best conditions to compete in world class."

Gunilla Lindberg was teh previous SOK secretary general ©Getty Images
Gunilla Lindberg was teh previous SOK secretary general ©Getty Images

Lindberg left the role in September after a long tenure dating back to 1989, and before that she was assistant secretary general since 1984.

The Association of National Olympic Committees' secretary general remains an adviser for the SOK on international affairs.

Reinebo is due to leave his role after 30 years too, but not until after the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Jönsson started working at SVT as a reporter, presenter and commentator in 1999 before becoming sports manager six years ago.

"We are getting a very strong team with many different skills that lead SOK's daily work," added SOK chairman Mats Årjes.