The French National Assembly has commissioned an assessment into the likely economic and social benefits of the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics ©Getty Images

A Parliamentary mission has been set up to assess "the economic and social benefits" of the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

France's National Assembly has given two members of Parliament - Stéphane Peu, a member of the French Communist Party in Seine-Saint-Denis - and Stéphane Mazars – a member of President Emmanuel Macron's recently re-named Renaissance party in Aveyron - the task of investigating before submitting a "pre-report" in February 2023.

The move comes as local authorities have begun to query how the "Olympic Games effect" will affect them, Le Monde reports.

"Commitments have been made to the country in terms of economics, integration, the environment, infrastructure, heritage, and it is the duty of the Assembly to have an assessment mission," Peu told a press conference at the National Assembly.

The same day, the Mayor of Aulnay-sous-Bois, Bruno Beschizza, had warned: "The Olympic Games must not be a flying saucer, which arrives, it lands there, the inhabitants will watch that from afar… and she will leave".

Seine-Saint-Denis is the department where the majority of Games-related construction is taking place ©Getty Images
Seine-Saint-Denis is the department where the majority of Games-related construction is taking place ©Getty Images

Peu and Mazars maintained they were "happy" for the Games to be hosted in Paris as it could be "a great moment of national communion", but they reserved to right to "assess and make recommendations".

Asked about the feelings of the inhabitants of Seine-Saint-Denis in relation to the Olympics, a department which has been promised an inheritance as well as jobs and contracts, Peu replied: "We cannot say that the country and the Seine-Saint-Denis has a passion for the Games.

"At the same time, is it abnormal a year and a half before the event?

"Not necessarily."

The mission will concentrate on Seine-Saint-Denis, where approximately 80 per cent of the work connected to the Olympics and Paralympics is concentrated, but also investigate other metropolitan sites involved.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are due to take place from July 26 to August 11, with the Paralympics running from August 28 to September 8.