Bayern Munich have released a commemorative strip for Munich 1972 ©FC Bayern

Bayern Munich have unveiled a special shirt to commemorate 50 years of the Olympic Stadium, their home ground from 1972 to 2005.

The shirt is predominantly white, but features flashes in orange, turquoise blue, midnight grey, and yellow, designed to reflect the unique tented roof above the stadium.

The colours pay tribute to the "look" of the 1972 Olympics which used pastel colours in a design conceived by Otl Aicher which was reproduced across all the venues of the Olympics and reflected in Games uniforms, programmes and other decorations.

The reverse of the jersey features the date of the Games and beneath it, the club's name written in German.

Men's and women's shirts are on sale at  €89 (£76/$97).

The strip is completed with white shorts and socks, also emblazoned with the date 1972.

It is the fifth different shirt to be issued by Bayern this season.

Others include a special jersey to commemorate Oktoberfest, the annual beer festival held in Munich

The club's first match at the Olympic Stadium was in June 1972 when they beat Schalke 5-1 to clinch the Bundesliga title.

They had received special dispensation from the West German Football Association to move the match from their existing ground at Grunewald.

In all, Bayern scored 101 goals that season to usher in a golden era for the club.

The team was captained by Franz Beckenbauer, known as the "Kaiser", and included goalkeeper Sepp Maier, defenders Paul Breitner and Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck, midfielder Uli Hoeneß and striker Gerd Müller.

These players formed the spine of the West Germany team which lifted the 1974 FIFA World Cup in the same stadium and won three consecutive European Cups for Bayern from 1974 to 1976.

Bayern Munich won the European Cup in 1974, 1975 and 1976 in a golden era for the club at the Olympic Stadium ©Getty Images
Bayern Munich won the European Cup in 1974, 1975 and 1976 in a golden era for the club at the Olympic Stadium ©Getty Images

The club continued to play at the stadium until 2005 and said goodbye with a 6-3 victory over FC Nürnberg.

They had played 793 matches at the stadium, winning 579. 

Over the 33 years there, Bayern were watched by 31,318,820 spectators.

The Olympic Stadium had been built with a tented roof to minimise shadows on the field but Beckenbauer was reputed not to be a fan of the ground. 

Bayern club President Wilhelm Neudecker once complained, "It will always be a shortcoming that the Olympic Stadium is not completely covered."

Munich 1860 and Türkgücü have since used the stadium for football, but this summer it was the centrepiece for the European Championships and hosted athletics.

Last month it also hosted the Superbloom music festival.