TOP sponsor Atos is set to monitor the environmental impact of the Paris 2024 Athletes' Village ©Getty Images

French technology company Atos has been chosen to deliver a digital platform that can help "decarbonise" Paris 2024 Olympic Games' Athletes' Village.

Atos, a member of the International Olympic Committee’s The Olympic Partner programme, has won a contract with Solideo, the public body charged with overseeing infrastructural projects for Paris 2024.

The "Urban Data Platform" is set to be used by Atos to store and log data in order to monitor the environmental impact of the Athletes' Village situated in Seine Saint-Denis and take corrective measures.

The data is expected to be sourced from smart devices, applications and services dedicated to the site’s energy and environmental performance.

"Atos’ Urban Data Platform provides us with innovative digital infrastructure to meet our targets to decarbonise the Athletes’ Village and make sustainable investments in technology," said Antoine Du Souich, strategy and innovation director for Solideo.

The Athletes' Village is expected to be completed next year ©Paris 2024
The Athletes' Village is expected to be completed next year ©Paris 2024

Yannick Tricaud, chief executive of Southern Europe for Atos, added: "We are proud that Solideo has decided to include Urban Data Platform (UDP) in the delivered works since they herald Paris as the city of tomorrow.

"Urban Data Platform reflects our capabilities to support cities and territories in the management of the data lifecycle.

"Leveraging our expertise in cybersecurity and the sovereign cloud, UDP converts raw data into tools that monitor decarbonisation policies, urban planning, crisis management and quality of life for contemporary urban spaces."

The Athletes' Village is set to accommodate more than 14,000 Olympians and 6,000 Paralympians during the Games in two years’ time.

In 2025, the Village is due to become a residential and office space with a capacity for 6,000 residents and 6,000 service industry jobs.

Solideo’s deal with Atos comes after reports that Paris 2024 organisers had agreed to move away from original plans for Alibaba to manage sensitive data on accredited personnel at the Games.

Atos is expected to be used to handle the data through its cloud storage facility which manages the French state's military and security contracts.