Athlete representatives are set to serve on the PKOI Executive Board under changes approved at the General Assembly ©Getty Images

The Polish Olympic Committee (PKOI) has held its non-elective General Assembly, with a series of governance reforms approved but calls for an elective gathering to be held this year rejected.

The Competitors' Commission, serving as the advisory body representing athletes in the PKOI, had proposed that its representatives serve on the Executive Board in line with International Olympic Committee (IOC) practice.

Mountain biker Maja Włoszczowska, a two-time Olympic silver medallist and an IOC member who serves on its Athletes' Commission, backed the move.

Delegates at the Assembly made no changes to the drafted amendment prepared by the PKOI Statute Committee.

PKOI Competitors' Commission chair Adam Korol, a men's quadruple sculls rowing gold medallist at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, explained the importance of the change.

"Our intention was to harmonise the rules with those of the International Olympic Committee and with the provisions of the Olympic Charter," he said.

"The IOC insists that its governing bodies should include active players, or those who have recently participated in the Olympic Games, representing the Competitors' Commission."

Włoszczowska emphasised the importance of placing athletes in decision-making positions.

"We want to cooperate with the Society of Polish Olympians, but also give active Polish athletes the opportunity to co-decide on important issues regarding the Olympic Movement and allow them to co-lead the Polish Olympic Committee," she commented.

Polish IOC member Maja Włoszczowska said the changes would
Polish IOC member Maja Włoszczowska said the changes would "give active Polish athletes the opportunity to co-decide on important issues regarding the Olympic Movement" ©Getty Images

A new OlimpijczykiPL Association was presented to the General Assembly by its chair Robert Korzeniowski, a four-time racewalking Olympic champion.

This initiative aims to provide support to Olympic athletes in their sporting and non-sporting careers.

PKOI President Andrzej Kraśnicki's proposal of reducing term limits for Presidents of National Associations from three to two were unanimously approved.

Kraśnicki, who has led the PKOI since 2010, said that this was in the interest of good governance.

"Such a provision prevents, inter alia, the long-term development of National Sports Federations and building the position of Poles in the international sports environment," he said.

"There are no such restrictions anywhere in the world, so we will try to convince decision-makers to change."

Some delegates at the General Assembly had called for an elective meeting to be held before the end of the year, but this suggestion was rejected.

Poland won four gold, five silver and five bronze medals at last year's Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and one bronze at the Beijing 2022 Winter Games.

The country is set to host the European Games in Kraków and the Małopolska region from June 21 to July 2 next year.