Ivan Kuliak is expecting a decision from the Appeals Tribunal of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation on September 15 ©YouTube

The Appeals Tribunal of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF) is due to make its decision on Russian athlete Ivan Kuliak by September 15.

Kuliak is serving a one-year suspension for wearing the "Z" military symbol on his uniform at a Gymnastics World Cup event.

"As planned, the meeting of the appeals tribunal took place," said Kuliak's lawyer Alexei Panich, as reported by Russian state-run news agency TASS.

"The defense presented its arguments, the International Gymnastics Federation presented its counterarguments.

"The hearing lasted more than three hours.

"Questions were asked, including to Ivan Kulyak.

"We evaluate the hearings positively.

"The decision will be made, presumably, within a month.

The "Z" symbol that Ivan Kuliak wore appears on Russian military vehicles in the continued invasion of Ukraine ©Getty Images

"We expect that the decision will be made by September 15."

Kuliak was punished for entering the medals ceremony with the Z symbol on his outfit at the Doha leg of the World Cup, which took place at the end of March.

It is seen as mark of support for the invasion of Ukraine and features on Russian military vehicles.

On June 7, Kuliak filed an appeal against the decision of the Disciplinary Commission, which decided to disqualify the athlete for one year.

Yesterday his claim was then heard by the GEF Appeals Tribunal.

The GEF Disciplinary Commission initially suspended Kuliak for a year and ordered the gymnast to return his bronze medal and CHF500 (£400/$500/€475) prize money.

Kuliak was further ordered to pay costs of CHF2,000 (£1,600/$2,000/€1,900) as a fine.