Former AIBA interim President Mohamed Moustahsane has led the AFBC since 2017 ©Getty Images

The African Boxing Confederation (AFBC) is set to elect a new President at its Congress in Algiers tomorrow, with four candidates seeking to succeed Mohamed Moustahsane.

Algeria's capital staved off competition from Congo and Ethiopia to stage the elective Congress when the AFBC held its Extraordinary Congress in Istanbul prior to the International Boxing Association (IBA) Extraordinary Congress.

A new AFBC constitution was also approved in the Turkish city.

Four candidates are in the running to succeed Moroccan official Moustahsane - Ethiopia's Eyassu Wossen Berhaun, Algeria's Ferhat Abdelnour Fazil, Cameroon's Bertrand Mendouga and Uganda's Moses Muhangi.

They were each subject to vetting checks by the Boxing Independent Integrity Unit (BIIU) Interim Nomination Unit.

Berhaun's eligibility was only confirmed yesterday, which AFBC Interim Board members Pearl Dlamini and Elise Seignolle said was due to "objective difficulties that the Independent Vetting Firm (Genius Sport) faced in verification of the candidate’s criminal record".

Muhangi has received a warning from the IBA Ethics Committee after being accused of offending Mendouga in a published text message.

The message in question had accused Mendouga of ruling his National Federation with "an iron fist", and claimed that he "is looking for a job but not to help boxing develop".

The IBA Ethics Committee, assisting the AFBC as it does not have an elected equivalent body, ruled that Muhangi had breached Article 19.1 (3) of the AFBC Regulations on Congress and Elections which requires candidates to "conduct their campaigns with honest, dignity, moderation and respect for their opponents".

It handed Muhangi a warning for his first breach of the regulations, and threatened that he could be declared ineligible in the event of a further violation.

Algeria's capital Algiers is set to host the AFBC Extraordinary Congress ©Getty Images
Algeria's capital Algiers is set to host the AFBC Extraordinary Congress ©Getty Images

Nine eligible candidates were admitted for positions on the Board of Directors.

There are 12 vacant director positions, which means that under the AFBC Constitution, the only election to be held in Algiers will be to decide between Zoubida Wissam and Nabil Hilmi.

Both officials are Moroccan, but the Constitution allows only one member from each National Federation to serve on the AFBC Board.

The other seven candidates are set to be deemed unanimously elected by acclamation - Nigeria's Issoufou Abdou Mallam, Guinea's Alpha Amadou Balde, Senegal's Anta Gueye, Burundi's Eric Ndayishimiye, South Africa's Eric Ndayishimiye, Botswana's Irene Ntelamo and Niger's Azamia Omo-Agege.

The President and Board are due to be elected for terms until 2026.

A vote on amendments to the AFBC Constitution is also set to be held at the Congress.

Moustahsane became President of the AFBC initially on an interim basis in 2017.

He served as AIBA Interim President for 18 months from March 2019 after Uzbekistan’s Gafur Rakhimov was forced to step down.

Moustahsane was a member of the AIBA Draw Commission for the boxing tournament at Rio 2016 which was marred by corruption and manipulation, but denied wrongdoing.

Boxing's presence at the Olympic Games is at risk, with the sport left off the initial programme for Los Angeles 2028 ©Getty Images
Boxing's presence at the Olympic Games is at risk, with the sport left off the initial programme for Los Angeles 2028 ©Getty Images

He stood for the AIBA Presidency on a permanent basis in December 2020, but the election was won by Russian official Umar Kremlev, who the following year oversaw a change in the organisation's acronym to IBA and governance reforms.

He was elected on a vow to wipe out the organisation's debts and restore its place at the Olympics.

However, the IBA has again been stripped of rights to organise the boxing tournament at Paris 2024, and boxing has been left off the initial programme for Los Angeles 2028.

The IBA Extraordinary Congress in Istanbul was marred by controversy, when the BIIU deemed the other candidate from the Presidency, The Netherlands' Boris van der Vorst, ineligible to stand, along with four officials seeking positions on the Board.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport last month ruled that van der Vorst should have been permitted to stand, and an Extraordinary Congress is due to be held in late September or October, consisting of a vote on a motion to allow another Presidential election and, if passed, the election itself.

The IBA has declared 2022 the "Year of Africa", but Boxing New Zealand President Steve Hartley, one of the candidates prevented from running in the initial Extraordinary Congress in May, has claimed that this represents a repeat of former President Ching-Kuo Wu's "futile attempt to stay in power".