There are plans to enhance train links in time for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympics ©Getty Images

Plans to upgrade train links for the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics in Brisbane have been scaled back - but question marks remain over the funding of the multi-billion-dollar transport scheme.

Proposals have been presented for fast rail connectivity between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in time for the Games.

Under the revised plans, it would take 70 minutes to travel between the two areas situated about 105 kilometres apart - 25 minutes slower than the previous proposal.

The Sunshine Coast is expected to stage several events, including football, basketball, marathon, mountain biking, cycling and kiteboarding, during Brisbane 2032.

The new North Coast Connect project is forecasted to cost AUD3.2 billion (£1.8 billion/$2.4 billion/€2.2 billion).

The Brisbane and Queensland Governments are due to jointly fund the scheme, with AUD1.6 billion (£913 million/$1.2 billion/€1.1 billion) coming from each.

However, Queensland officials have questioned the cost of the project, with Transport Minister Mark Bailey claiming the Federal Government’s projected figure had been "plucked out of the sky."

"We have no idea on what basis this $1.6bn figure has come from," Bailey said in a report by the Guardian.

Paul Fletcher, Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure, responded to the criticism by publishing three pages of a 600-page feasibility study and insisted the costing was "robust".

"For this rail line to support the growth of the Sunshine Coast and to be delivered in time for the Olympics, the Queensland Government needs to come to the table and commit to this project," said Fletcher.

Basketball is among the competitions that are set to be staged in the Sunshine Coast during Brisbane 2032 ©Getty Images
Basketball is among the competitions that are set to be staged in the Sunshine Coast during Brisbane 2032 ©Getty Images

However, Bailey criticised Fletcher’s response, claiming "no responsible Government would make a multi-billion-dollar funding commitment based on three heavily redacted pieces of paper that looks like a kindy kid’s project".

"We’ll maintain faith with that process and make a decision based on a robust assessment from that work," Bailey added.

"The Morrison Government’s … announcement is another last minute, false election promise to the people of the Sunshine Coast."

In a report by the Brisbane Times, Sunshine Coast Member of Parliament Ted O’Brien said: "The simple answer is we are assuming the bulk of construction will be in the second half of this decade because we’ve got multiple years ahead of detailed planning and design.

"So there will be about one quarter, about $250 million [£143 million/$186 million/€171 million].

"The forward estimates [next four years] should have about $250 million, by memory.

"Then the bulk [of the $1.6 billion] is in the out years [outside the budget] for construction."

Brisbane’s bid for the 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games had been billed as an opportunity to enhance infrastructure in the region, with a particular focus on enhancing transport links in the state.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had named the Australian proposal as their preferred bid last February, as exclusively revealed by insidethegames, which saw Brisbane enter a "targeted dialogue" phase under the new process for selecting hosts for the Games.

Brisbane was rubber-stamped as the host city at the IOC Session held prior to Tokyo 2020 last year.