The Birmingham 2022 World Games has partnered with Microsoft  ©The World Games

The Birmingham 2022 World Games and Microsoft have partnered to promote Alabama's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Historically Black Community Colleges (HBCCs).

The World Games 2022 HBCU Experience presented by Microsoft was revealed at Miles College in Birmingham.

The partnership will reportedly seek to encourage students' professional growth and facilitate collaboration between the HBCUs and HBCCs with Microsoft.

Organisers hope this will help to inspire students to pursue careers and business opportunities in technology.

"From the start, we've wanted The World Games 2022 to be not only a once-in-a-life sports experience, but also a tremendous opportunity to bring lasting, positive changes to Birmingham and to the entire state of Alabama," said Jonathan Porter, chair of the Birmingham 2022 Board.

"Our partnership with Microsoft provides an excellent platform to work alongside Alabama’s HBCUs and HBCCs and ensure a diversified technology workforce that is well-prepared to lead our state and our world toward the future."

Birmingham 2022 claims the initiative will connect HBCU students with pathways to economic opportunity.

The World Games will also be exposed to the culture and innovation of HBCU campuses.

"The partnership with The World Games 2022 helps Microsoft fulfill its mission 'to empower every person and every organisation to achieve more,'" said Michael Ford, corporative vice-president of global workplace services for Microsoft and an Alabama A&M University graduate.

"Our partnership with The World Games 2022 enables Microsoft to help close opportunity gaps and deepen engagement with HBCUs and HBCCs.

"Building diverse talent pipelines ensures we can create a diversified workforce to the benefit of our customers and society."

The partnership will include a series of virtual events for HBCU or HBCC students, as well as a Minecraft challenge to explore game development.

An HBCU Experience at The World Games 2022 Plaza will also be established.

Organisers have confirmed a scholarship fund for Alabama HBCUs and HBCCs to help ensure the Birmingham 2022 World Games creates lasting, positive change for students.

"Alabama has the largest number of HBCUs and HBCCs in the country," said Bobbie Knight, Miles College President.

"HBCUs graduate an impressively disproportionate number of Black students, accounting for 20 percent of the country’s Black graduates, and 25 percent of African American graduates with STEM degrees attended HBCUs.

"It makes perfect sense for The World Games to use its global platform to showcase the talent coming from HBCUs across the state."

The World Games 2022 is scheduled to take place in Birmingham, Alabama from July 7 to 17.

More than 600 medals are set to be handed out, with an estimated 3,600 athletes expected to compete across more than 30 sports.