Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has claimed jealousy led to the city not featuring on the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee ©Getty Images

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has claimed he will not "kiss the arse" of Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner to secure a place on the Organising Committee for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Tate has not been included on the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee, following the latest appointments last week.

Olympic beach volleyball gold medallist Natalie Cook and Australia's men’s 100 metres record holder Patrick Johnson were added.

The retired athletes were the final two nominations by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Palaszczuk and Deputy Premier Steven Miles are also serving on the committee.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Schrinner is also part of the 22-member committee, with the official nominating Redlands City Council Mayor Karen Williams, rather than Tate.

The Gold Coast Mayor has criticised the decision not to have the city represented on the Organising Committee, as it prepares to host nine events and an athletes' village.

Tate told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that he would not "kiss the arse" of Schrinner to join the Organising Committee and denied suggestions his absence from the South East Queensland (SEQ) Council of Mayors had contributed.

"I don't really understand the Brisbane mentality," Tate told ABC Gold Coast.

"I mean, without the Gold Coast in the bid you wouldn't have a Brisbane 2032 Games.

"I think it's a bit of jealousy, like your little brother seems to get the limelight, then they get [the feeling] they're ugly sister, and that's how I feel and that's not going to win any favours.

"Don't forget it was called [South East Queensland] 2032 initially and they needed the Gold Coast to be there, because we're a large chunk of the SEQ 2032.

"But when we signed off with support we weren't on the Council of Mayors, now to say, 'Oh, you've got to be on the Council of Mayors to be on that board, we're not going to spend $350,000 of ratepayers funds every year just for me to be a member on the board' - that's ridiculous.

"They can try to spread whatever they like, but I know the facts and that has no merit."

Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner chairs the SEQ Council of Mayors ©Getty Images
Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner chairs the SEQ Council of Mayors ©Getty Images

The Gold Coast City Council voted to re-join the SEQ Council of Mayors in 2020, after Tate had secured a third term in office.

Tate claimed the decision had been made to ensure Gold Coast received a "fair share" of the Games.

The city withdrew again from the SEQ Council of Mayors last year.

Local reports suggested Tate’s decision to leave the group had been due to the city being overlooked for a place on the Organising Committee.

The SEQ is billed as an independent political advocacy organisation, to represent the interests of South East Queensland.

The Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee will feature 22 members, with 17 having been determined to date.

Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates, chief executive Matt Carroll, Paralympics Australia President Jock O'Callaghan and athlete representatives Bronte Barratt and Kurt Fearnley are among the members of the Committee.

International Paralympic Committee Governing Board member Robyn Smith will also serve on the committee.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison selected Minister for Sport Richard Colbeck, Ted O'Brien, Tracy Stockwell and Rebecca Frizelle as his nominees.

The remaining five will be independent directors.