Sofia Raffaeli earned apparatus titles in the ball and clubs events as the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Athens concluded today ©Getty Images

Italy’s Sofia Raffaeli and Israel’s Daria Atamanov earned two apparatus titles on the final day of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Athens.

The two gymnasts had gone head-to-head in the all-around competition on the first two days in the Greek capital, with Raffaeli clinching victory yesterday at the Palaio Faliro Olympic Stadium.

Raffaeli continued her impressive displays to win individual titles in the ball and clubs finals today.

The 18-year-old scored 33.150 to win the ball event, with Atamanov and Germany’s Margarita Kolosov completing the podium on 31.900 and 31.250.

The clubs competition saw Raffaeli triumph with a score of 32.450, while Atamanov was again the runner-up on 31.200.

Greece’s Panagiota Lytra earned third place at her home event, ending on 29.750.

Atamanov would earn victory in the hoops final, with her higher difficulty helping her to a winning score of 32.700.

Raffaeli finished one point behind on 31.700, while Germany’s Melanie Dargel clinched bronze on 29.750.

The ribbon competition saw Atamanov earn a second title on 31.300, ending clear of second placed Kolosov on 29.500.

Bulgaria’s Eva Brezalieva completed the top three with a score of 29.450.

Israel celebrated victories in two groups competitions.

The Israeli team won the hoops final by a narrow margin with a score of 27.700, just 0.200 clear of second placed Poland.

Kazakhstan were third on 26.700, as hosts Greece missed the podium at 0.100 behind.

The three ribbons and two balls group event saw Israel earn a dominant victory with a score of 26.600.

Greece and Poland completed the podium on 24.250 and 22.950, respectively.

The World Cup event was held without the participation of Russian and Belarusian gymnasts, due to sanctions imposed by the International Gymnastics Federation as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine.