CAS has denied a request to lift Russia's suspension from UEFA competitions ©Getty Images

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has denied an appeal from Russia to temporarily lift a suspension against their national teams and clubs from UEFA competitions.

The Football Union of Russia had hoped to lift the suspension to allow their teams to compete, prior to a final decision by CAS against UEFA and FIFA’s ban.

Had CAS allowed the request, Russian sides would have reinstated.

This would have allowed Russia's men’s national side to participate in a qualification playoff for the World Cup later this year.

Russian teams have been banned in response to the country's invasion of Ukraine.

"The Challenged Decision remains in force and all Russian teams and clubs continue to be suspended from participation in UEFA competitions," a CAS statement read.

"The CAS arbitration proceedings continue.

"The parties did not agree to an expedited procedure and a hearing has not yet been fixed."

Russia are currently barred from competing in UEFA competitions ©Getty Images
Russia are currently barred from competing in UEFA competitions ©Getty Images

After initially allowing Russia to play under the name of "Football Union of Russia" with the national flag and anthem not appearing at matches, FIFA and UEFA later banned the nation outright from competitions following pressure from other nations.

The Czech Republic, Poland and Sweden refused to play Russia in World Cup qualifying because of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

FIFA Bureau has decided to award Poland a bye to the final of path B of European qualification, scheduled to take place on March 29.

Poland await the winners of the match between Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Russia are also blocked from competing in the UEFA Women's Euro 2022 in England.

Russia Premier League team Spartak Moscow were thrown out of this season's Europa League, with Germany's RB Leipzig advancing to the quarter-finals of the competition as a result.