World Triathlon wants to develop the sport in a sustainable manner ©Getty Images

World Triathlon has drawn up a new four-year strategic plan that aims to further develop the sport globally through sustainable and inclusive avenues in the build-up to the Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 Olympics and Paralympics.

In World Triathlon’s view, the purpose of this roadmap is for triathlon to further develop, innovate and include, causing greater opportunities in the sport for people across the world.

The organisation seeks to position itself as a key factor on the triathlon market and raise greater commercialisation within this market.

Through this, World Triathlon believes all member National Federations will develop and advance the sport and its governance, especially via guidance from the Continental Confederations.

Elite athletes and elite Para triathletes, age-groupers, National Federation members, Continental Confederations, staff, World Triathlon’s committees and commissions, Executive Board members and essential key stakeholders were all consulted in the lead up to its formalisation.

Elite athletes and Para athletes were consulted as part of the plan ©Getty Images
Elite athletes and Para athletes were consulted as part of the plan ©Getty Images

"For the next four years, the over-arching goal for World Triathlon is to lead the global triathlon community in growing a more sustainable sport for all to participate in," World Triathlon President Marisol Casado said.

"We want to build and highlight the extraordinary in our people and our practices, all the while protecting the environments on which our sport depends.

"We will strive for excellence in our events, both for those racing and the Local Organising Committees and host cities, providing the support and leadership that will continue to make our sport one of the fastest growing, most responsible and inclusive of all.

"We will seek to innovate, as always using technology to enhance all areas of triathlon, and we will govern with the fairness, equity and integrity that we take great pride in.

"We couldn’t be more excited for what the next four years hold for our sport."