The Bill sponsored by Los Angeles 2028 would offer in-state tuition to USOPC-certified athletes training in California ©Getty Images

The Organising Committee for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games has sponsored a State Bill which would offer American athletes training in California eligibility for in-state tuition.

The Bill has been written by Adrin Nazarian, a Democratic Party member of the California State Assembly, and proposes amending Section 68083 of California's Education Code.

This is aimed at offering access to in-state tuition United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee-certified athletes training for Los Angeles 2028 in California, supporting their long-term wellness and career transitions.

The provisions would also be in place for athletes training in the state for future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In-state tuition in California is considerably less expensive than fees for non-residents of the state.

For example, 2022-2023 tuition fees for residents at the University of California stand at $13,104 (£9,639/€11,573), a cost which more than trebles to $44,130 (£32,462/€38,976) for non-residents.

Four-time Olympic swimming gold medallist Janet Evans, chief athlete officer at Los Angeles 2028, explained that the Organising Committee valued the Bill's aims to assist athletes' careers.

"With exceptional world-class sports facilities across the state, California is one of the most special places to train in elite sports," Evans commented.

Los Angeles 2028's chief athlete officer Janet Evans claimed
Los Angeles 2028's chief athlete officer Janet Evans claimed "supporting athletes across their entire lives is central to our work at the LA28 Games" ©Getty Images

"Many of us train and compete at the NCAA [National Collegiate Athletic Association] level, but not all Olympic and Paralympic sports are supported by collegiate programmes.

"This Bill recognises the tremendous work athletes put in and provides a path to affordable education and long-term success beyond the field of play.

"Supporting athletes across their entire lives is central to our work at the LA28 Games and we are proud to sponsor this important legislation to support athletes' career transition."

Nazarian added that he believes the Bill would fill an important gap in educational provision for athletes outside of NCAA-sponsored sports.

"As of now, Olympic-level athletes that don’t compete in NCAA sports are left out of funding opportunities like scholarships," he said.

"This leaves many athletes who have dedicated crucial career-building years to representing our nation on the world stage with little financial support to pursue educational opportunities.

"By providing in-state tuition, which is substantially cheaper than out-of-state tuition, to out-of-state athletes who decide to train in California, we give them a better chance to succeed after their Olympic careers.

"We owe it to Team USA athletes to support their education."

California was the most-represented US state in the American squad for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Los Angeles has previously staged the Olympics in 1932 and 1984, although 2028 is set to be the first time it has held the Paralympics.