Bob Plant serving as a cutman at the IMMAF Youth World Championships ©IMMAF

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) has relaunched its licensing course for cutmen and cutwomen.

The move is part of the governing body's bid to ensure safe regulation of amateur mixed martial arts (MMA).

Both theoretical and practical elements are part of the course, including the hand-wrapping technique for amateur MMA and ringside protocol.

It aims to provide the "essential foundations" for people hoping to join the cut team at IMMAF events.

Bob Plant, a world-renowned cutman with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is the course leader.

Three other senior officials - Italy's Angelo Tarantini, Poland's Vahagn Petrosyan and Portugal's Paulo Bendito - can also deliver the course.

They are all experienced cutmen having worked with up to 450 athletes at IMMAF events.

Athlete safety is a key priority for the IMMAF ©IMMAF
Athlete safety is a key priority for the IMMAF ©IMMAF

In 2019, the IMMAF introduced its cutman licensing system for MMA.

Every official is obliged to refresh their training and "upskill" every two years, in order to retain their license. 

"As IMMAF strives always to be best in class, it expects no less in excellence from its officials," said IMMAF President Kerrith Brown.

"The revision of the cut team course forms part of IMMAF's continuous development of good governance structures and offers enhanced training to our cut men and women."