Bernard Amsalem is confident that the Oran 2022 Mediterranean Games will be a success ©Getty Images

Bernard Amsalem, the second vice-president of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (CIJM), ensured delegates that preparations for Oran 2022 in Algeria are on track and that the city will host the event "in the best way".

The Algerian-born French official spoke at the opening of the organisation's Chefs de Mission and technical delegates seminar where he highlighted "the long-term work carried out by the Organising Committee and the significant investments made by the Algerian State."

"Algerian officials are working tirelessly to offer the best conditions allowing athletes to achieve the best performances during the Mediterranean event," said Amsalem.

"The Mediterranean village is modern and comfortable and the other sports facilities of the best level, will be a significant legacy to the inhabitants of Oran after the Mediterranean Games."

The event is set to take place from June 25 to July 5 next year and will mark the second time that Algeria has hosted the Games.

The Oran Olympic Stadium is set to act as the main venue for the Oran 2022 Mediterranean Games ©Getty Images
The Oran Olympic Stadium is set to act as the main venue for the Oran 2022 Mediterranean Games ©Getty Images

The country's capital city, Algiers, staged the event in 1975.

The Mediterranean Games Commissioner, Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, highlighted "the unlimited commitment of the public authorities to make the event a success and make up the delays due to the political circumstances and because of the global health crisis linked to COVID-19."

In April, the CIJM urged organisers of the Games to intensify its preparations after expressing concern over what they called "cumbersome bureaucratic delays."

They warned that these could affect the smooth running of the 2022 Mediterranean Games in Oran and cause delays in the selection of the doping laboratory for the Games.

Oran beat Sfax in Tunisia to the hosting rights by 51 votes to 17 and was announced as the host city at the CIJM General Assembly in Pescara in Italy on August 15 2015.