The WFDF is aiming for its new four-on-four discipline to be included at Los Angeles 2028 ©Getty Images

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has proposed that its mixed-gender "Ultimate 4's" discipline be included on the programme for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, with President Robert "Nob" Rauch arguing it represents "an appealing addition" to the Games.

The governing body introduced the new match format in October, with games featuring two 18-minute halves and played on a 45 metres by 25m field, with two 15m deep end zones.

Four players from each mixed-gender team of six compete at any one time, and the WFDF claims the discipline is designed for multi-sport events facing "constraints of time, space, or athletes' quota while preserving the essential qualities of the sport".

Launching the sport's bid for an Olympic debut at Los Angeles 2028, Rauch said he believes flying disc has sufficient interest to be a suitable addition to the Games.

"Flying disc is an incredibly attractive sport for the Olympic Games and we are formally working to be on the programme in Los Angeles in 2028," the WFDF President said.

"Flying disc, or frisbee, is a quintessential Southern California sport, with the first flying discs being commercially produced starting in 1948 in the Los Angeles area.

"The sport has huge international appeal, and the leading flying disc disciplines are now played in more than 120 countries, of which 100 nations are currently members of WFDF.

"WFDF intends to propose mixed-gender Ultimate 4’s as the event, which can be played in existing venues on either grass in a football or soccer stadium, or on the beach.

"Our format for this team event fully embraces gender equality, and mixed team competition has been our format at The World Games since our debut in 2001.

"Our sport appeals to today’s youthful audience and would be an appealing addition to the LA28 programme.

"We are coordinating closely with our member federation in the USA, USA Ultimate, in our approach to the decision-making groups."

The Los Angeles 2028 Organising Committee will have an opportunity to propose additional sports for the Games ©Getty Images
The Los Angeles 2028 Organising Committee will have an opportunity to propose additional sports for the Games ©Getty Images

Sports including cricket, flag football, eqball and lacrosse have also expressed an interest in being added to the programme at Los Angeles 2028.

Surfing, skateboard and baseball-softball are other non-core sports vying for inclusion in 2028, and all would have strong cases as they are popular in California.

The WFDF's Ultimate Committee developed the new format, and its chair Brian Gisel - who is also WFDF vice-president - explained that the fast-paced nature of Ultimate 4's is one of its key features.

"This new format is an exciting addition to our sport," Gisel said.

"Ultimate 4’s is designed to showcase athleticism and throwing ability, keep the game moving, and to adapt the game for fans reached through broadcast media as much as in-stadium spectators.

"The limited number of players on the field makes for a very brisk pace of play and ensures that both the men and women need to be fully engaged, and the size of the field means that scoring can come from anywhere at any time."

Los Angeles is set to host the Olympic Games for the third time in 2028, after staging previous editions in 1932 and 1984.