Over 40,000 people have reportedly participated in the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival ©United Through Sports

Organisers of the United Through Sports (UTS) World Virtual Youth Festival say the event has attracted over 40,000 participants.

The figure was confirmed as preparations continue for the Closing Ceremony of the week-long event.

Organisers had originally hoped 30,000 people would participate, ranging from as young as five to 18 years old.

The 40,000 participants have taken part in interactive workshops and panel sessions as part of the five-day education programme.

Speakers have included Ban Ki Moon, the former United Nations secretary general and Noble Peace Prize Winner Professor Yunus.

Jordan Olympic Committee President and International Olympic Committee Executive Board member Prince Faisal, International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Andrew Parsons and UTS President Stephan Fox have also delivered messages during the festival.

The six panel sessions began with a presentation on The Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, which seeks to outline the nation’s economic and social reform agenda.

Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh has been serving as host of the hybrid festival.

Sessions titled "Empowered by Tokyo 2020 champions", "A New Normal: Moving Forward and Sport Challenges" and "Mental Health and Prioritising Well-Being in Sports" have also been held.

The final two sessions have focused on "Virtual Events and Experiences in Sports" and "Athletes Towards Social Change and Empowerment."

Sporting competitions have also taken place as part of the festival.

This has included Max Fit and Aero Fit Competitions, as well as the IPC Inclusive Challenge.

A Special Olympics International (SOI) Unified Fitness Challenge and a talent competition have also taken place.

UTS say preparations have been taking place for tomorrow’s Closing Ceremony, scheduled to begin at 7pm local time in Saudi Arabia.

IOC director general Christoph De Kepper, IPC President Parsons, SOI chief executive Mary Davis and UTS President Fox have been confirmed among the speakers.

The host of the 2022 UTS Festival is also expected to be confirmed during the Closing Ceremony.