The event gave student ambassadors the chance to virtually travel across the African continent ©FISU

The first-ever International University Sports Federation (FISU) Student Ambassador Cultural Webinar was held on Saturday (November 20).

The webinar focused on the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Africa University Sports (FASU), with a presentation made by FASU President Nomsa Mahlangu.

The event aimed to "inform and educate FISU student ambassadors about the African continent and simultaneously give them an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of diverse African countries."

It also hoped to provide delegates with the opportunity to "obtain an image of African countries and their current affairs, and to be entertained with games and various activities."

FASU President Nomsa Mahlangu spoke during the seminar ©FASU
FASU President Nomsa Mahlangu spoke during the seminar ©FASU

FISU student ambassador Adebayo Olatunde from Nigeria provided an overview of Africa and African culture, followed by a virtual fair, in which participants "travelled" across different African countries and were introduced to cultural activities.

There were also presentations from Jihad Hamadi of Libya, who wrote names in Arabic and presented the overview of Libyan culture, Heba Assem from Egypt, who spoke about Egyptian culture and cuisine, and Ahmed Wehlie of Somalia, who facilitated a quiz on African athletes abroad followed by a quiz on African songs. 

Finally, Abassier Leukes of Namibia conducted a quiz on African flags.

The next event scheduled in the FISU Student Ambassador scheme is Volunteer Day on December 8.