John Wright has been accused of historic child abuse in Queensland ©Getty Images

A former top-level Australian swimming coach accused of historical child abuse has been remanded in custody until next month.

John Wright has been charged with nine counts of indecent dealing with children and one count of common assault.

The indecent dealing offences allegedly happened in the early 1980s in Brisbane and Rockhampton.

Wright was extradited to the state of Queensland from Western Australia after being charged last week.

The 78-year-old was due to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday only for that to be delayed until today due to health issues.

But he did not appear in court and no bail application was made.

A duty lawyer appeared on his behalf and asked for an adjournment until next month.

Wright is scheduled to return to court on November 15.

His arrest came after a detailed investigation by ABC where Shane Lewis, Colin Marshall, Toby Blundell and Paul Shearer accused the coach of abuse.

Shearer first went public in 2009, and said he was a victim of at least 20 incidents of abuse by a coach in the late 1980s over a period of around 18 months.

Three-time Olympian Lisa Curry, a friend of Shane Lewis, said
Three-time Olympian Lisa Curry, a friend of Shane Lewis, said "more could have been done" to help John Wright's alleged victims of abuse ©Getty Images

Wright could not be named as the coach in question at the time the accusations were published, but the report references him as the perpetrator.

Lewis died in February this year aged 47 with the cause yet to be determined, although his family believe it was suicide.

Swimming Australia has faced criticism over its handling of the abuse allegations.

Eugenie Buckley, chief executive of Swimming Australia, said the governing body "can absolutely commit to doing better."

"The process has changed significantly since 2009," said Buckley.

"It's 12 years on, so it is a different process these days.

"An allegation of this seriousness, any allegation in relation to child abuse will automatically be referred to Sport Integrity Australia for independent investigation.

"They've got the investigation expertise and that's what would happen today.

"I think this is a process that just never stops.

"It's never 'job done' in relation to child safety."