Jean-Christophe Rolland will face no challengers in World Rowing's upcoming Presidential election ©Getty Images

Jean-Christophe Rolland is set to be re-elected President of World Rowing unopposed after being confirmed as the only candidate for the role.

The Frenchman, an International Olympic Committee (IOC) member by virtue of his position at the helm of World Rowing, has led the organisation since July 2014.

Rolland has already been re-elected unopposed once before, in 2017.

Vice-president Tricia Smith and treasurer Gerritjan Eggenkamp, respectively from Canada and The Netherlands, are also set for unopposed re-election.

Voting is due to take place on November 6 during a remote World Rowing Congress.

It looks set be nothing more than a formality, however, with only one candidate announced for each of the six other positions set to be voted on.

Rosie Mayglothling from Britain, Hungarian Eva Szanto and Patrick Rombaut of Belgium have all been proposed by the Council to be re-elected as the three Council members on the Executive Committee.

Meanwhile there are three nominations for the three Council positions reserved for the heads of new World Rowing Commissions.

World Rowing vice-president Tricia Smith is also se to be re-elected unopposed ©Getty Images
World Rowing vice-president Tricia Smith is also se to be re-elected unopposed ©Getty Images

Guin Batten, the British chair the Coastal Rowing Commission at a time when World Rowing hopes to shortly see coastal rowing added to the programme for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, is one of the three.

Dutch Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Commission chair Jacomine Ravensbergen and Filip Ljubicic, the Indoor Rowing Commission chair from Serbia, are the other two nominees.

Rolland, now 53, won a gold medal in the coxless pair event at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

He is only the sixth President of World Rowing and followed Swiss official Denis Oswald.

Vice-president Smith is also an IOC member, leads the Canadian Olympic Committee and won an Olympic silver medal at Los Angeles 1984.

Shanghai was supposed to be hosting the World Rowing Championships this month, but the event was cancelled because of COVID-19 complications.

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