Four Paralympians feature in the new PNZ advert ©Getty Images

Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) have a television advert featuring four Paralympians to sell to organisations, which it hopes can lead to more commercial opportunities for athletes.

Created by advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi, the video includes canoeist Scott Martlew, sprinter and long jumper Anna Grimaldi, swimmer Nikita Howarth and Alpine skier Corey Peters.

Whichever company purchases the advert will be able to adapt it to fit in with their own campaigns.

PNZ said it hoped that the advert could improve diversity and inclusion of disabled people in marketing campaigns and sponsorship choices.

"We were really impressed with the commercial that had been produced," said PNZ chief executive Fiona Allan.

"The idea came up as to ‘why don't we make the commercial available to a company and seek to sell it?’ 

Nikita Howarth is one of the four athletes featured in the advert ©Getty Images
Nikita Howarth is one of the four athletes featured in the advert ©Getty Images

"As a charity we are always seeking innovative ways to raise much needed funds and we felt this was an exciting opportunity to do just that.

"We see this exciting opportunity as a win/win - Paralympians would appreciate the much-needed financial support and recognition from companies. 

"Companies would benefit from Paralympians as great role models who can bring to life their focus on diversity and inclusion and their key messages to the community, whilst helping create a more inclusive New Zealand."

PNZ reported that 1.8 million people in New Zealand watched the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

The advert is set to start running tomorrow on TVNZ, as well as on digital billboards.