Ludovica Mantovani, President of the Italian Women's Football Division, welcomed the presence of teqball at the Women’s Primavera Championship ©Getty Images

Youth players from Internazionale, Juventus, AS Roma and Florentia SanGimignano were given the opportunity to try out teqball at the final four of the Women’s Primavera Championship at the Mapei Football Centre in Sassuolo in northern Italy.

Ludovica Mantovani, the President of the Italian Women’s Football Division, spoke of how teqball can help improve players.

"It’s a fun game, but it is also very necessary to keep in form," said Mantovani.

"It is also done for physical exercise.

"It can be an exciting moment for young girls.

"It starts with fun and then I think it becomes then an instrument for technical players.

"Women are dynamically different from men, it is very important for us to do a correct physical training because otherwise we encounter injuries, so if our physical trainers see this as an opportunity to be able to use it, I am happy that we have this opportunity.

"This table from the division will be accessible.

"We will put it in there and they can try it, so it’s great to start like this.

"It’s summer time so it’s going to be fun for them, and I think and I hope that other than fun, it will become an instrument to be able to grow on a technical value."

Roma defeated Juventus 1-0 in the final held at the end of May, with Internazionale triumphing in the third-place match on penalties after a 1-1 draw with Florentia.

Teqball combines elements of football and table tennis.

It is played on a curved table, with players unable to use their arms or hands.

It was invented in Hungary, with the International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) established as its governing body in 2017.

It will feature at the 2021 Asian Beach Games 2021 and 2023 European Games, and FITEQ hold ambitions for inclusion at the Summer Olympics.