Thamooh Ahmed Saeed and Hussain Rasheed were appointed at the MOC's latest Executive Committee meeting ©OCA/Maldives Olympic Committee

The Maldives Olympic Committee (MOC) Executive Committee has appointment of Thamooh Ahmed Saeed as the organisation's new secretary general and Hussain Rasheed as financial director.

The pair were voted for unanimously at a meeting on July 12, the first to be chaired by new President Mohamed Abdul Sattar.

Both of the new appointees' backgrounds are in table tennis.

Thamooh Saeed represented the Maldives at several international tournaments as a player, and from 2009 to 2011 served as the general secretary of the Table Tennis Association of Maldives.

He first joined the MOC back in 2015, and worked as a programme coordinator with the country’s National Sports Council (NSC).

Thamooh Saeed was then appointed as director general of the MOC in June 2020, and is the current member of the organisation who serves on the NSC.

The new secretary general replaces Marzooq Ahmed, who left the role last month.

Thamooh Saeed will travel as part of the Maldives contingent to Tokyo for the Olympic Games on today.

Rasheed also has playing experience in table tennis, and has completed two terms as the MOC’s treasurer.

The Maldives will be represented by four athletes at the Olympics this summer - one from athletics, one from badminton and two from swimming.

The country has sent athletes to every Summer Olympic Games since Seoul 1988, but has yet to win a medal.