Zaugg AG Eggiwil will continue to support Bring Children to the Snow ©Zaugg AG Eggiwil

Swiss company Zaugg has extended its support to the International Ski Federation (FIS) Bring Children to the Snow campaign.

Zaugg are considered global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality equipment for municipal infrastructure management.

Their vehicles are used to help clear snow on roads, slopes, airports and rail, as well as being used for ski resort fun park management.

"Zaugg has a long history in snow sports and snow management," said Andrew Cholinski, FIS Bring Children to the Snow coordinator.

"This partnership will carry on that tradition and ensure that there continued to be a strong bond with the next generation of snow enthusiasts."

The Bring Children to the Snow campaign aims to get more youngsters involved with snow sports.

There are two elements of the initiative - SnowKidz and World Snow Day.

Both events aim to encourage young people to enjoy snow activities, while providing additional value to those already participating in snow sport.

The primary target group for the campaign is children aged between four and 14, as well as their families.

"It is important to get today's children excited about tomorrow," said Rene Mannhart, Zaugg chief executive.

The FIS say 9,016 events have taken place to date as part of the initiative.

The events have been held in 53 countries with over seven million participants reportedly involved.