Trinidad and Tobago is trying to vaccinate its athletes in time for Tokyo 2020 ©Getty Images

Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) President Brian Lewis has said the organisation is working towards vaccinating all of its athletes and officials for Tokyo 2020.

Several members of the delegation have already received their first doses with others looking to take advantage of the vaccines being offered by Panam Sports.

"We're working feverishly to try to get 100 per cent of our delegation vaccinated," said Lewis to Newsday

"I know it's a bit contentious in people's minds and, yes, the International Olympic Committee has said that it's not mandatory. 

"We abide by that but still continue to encourage athletes to get vaccinated."

Panam Sports has secured 6,000 coronavirus vaccines for athletes and officials travelling to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games.

Every National Olympic Committee in the region has been contacted about the chance of taking advantage, with the continental body even covering the cost of flights to Miami and Houston to be jabbed.

"The challenge with the Panam Sports option, as we delve deeper into it, is the logistics on it," said Lewis. 

Trinidad and Tobago athletes could take advantage of Panam Sports vaccines ©Getty Images
Trinidad and Tobago athletes could take advantage of Panam Sports vaccines ©Getty Images

"It will cost roughly about TTD$17,000 (£1,700/$2,500/€2,000) per person because the trip would entail a stay of approximately three days in the US.

"When athletes/officials then return to TT, they would also have to quarantine which would be an additional cost. 

"We also recognise that the health system is under a bit of pressure as it is.

"We previously said we would not jump the queue for local vaccines. 

"It's a delicate issue." 

Trinidad and Tobago athletes are due to attend a training camp in Osaki in Japan, before the start of Tokyo 2020 on July 23.