Hong Genglong carried the Shantou 2021 flag and mascot to the top of Mount Everest ©OCA

The mascot and flag of this year's Asian Youth Games in Chinese city Shantou have been carried to the top of Mount Everest.

Hong Genglong, the President of the Shantou Long Distance Running Association, promoted the Games while scaling the world's highest peak.

As well as taking flower mascot Jinfengwa and the flag to the top, the climb took place under the slogans "Asian Youth Rise - Climb to the Top of Shantou" and "Climb the Peak Forever - Create New Glory".

Nine people were part of the expedition in all, which took 23 days.

"This climb has been a sporting goal for the past few years," said Hong. 

"The fact that the Asian Youth Games are being held in Shantou is very meaningful and important for the Shantou people. 

"This is why we were so proud to take the Asian Youth Games banner to the top of the world."

Flower mascot Jinfengwa was unveiled earlier this year ©Shantou 2021
Flower mascot Jinfengwa was unveiled earlier this year ©Shantou 2021

Shantou 2021 - the third edition of the Olympic Council of Asia's (OCA) Asian Youth Games - is due to take place between November 20 and 28.

Eighteen sports are on the programme and organisers say all construction work and upgrades should be finished by the end of next month.

"Hong's feat and his pride in Shantou and the Asian Youth Games will inspire everyone connected with the Asian Youth Games," the OCA said. 

The first Asian Youth Games took place in Singapore in 2009, before a second edition in Nanjing in China in 2013.

Both events were dress rehearsals for the Summer Youth Olympics held in the cities in the following years.

Jakarta in Indonesia was then due to host the Asian Youth Games in 2017 but pulled out, with the OCA opting to delay the third edition until this year.

It means there will have been a gap of eight years by the time of the Shantou Opening Ceremony.

Uzbekistan's capital Tashkent has been awarded the 2025 Games.