FITEQ's Plant Together programme is in 17 countries ©FITEQ

The International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) is helping to support its National Federations with tree planting under its sustainability programme "Plant Together".

This is in response to FITEQ joining the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) initiative as a signatory to the Sports for Climate Action Framework in September 2020.

Since signing up to the framework, FITEQ launched a sustainable development handbook in March to help teqball stakeholders to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the sport.

The Plant Together programme looks for FITEQ and National Federations to educate local communities on the need for climate action.

It also pushes FITEQ and its members to aim for climate neutrality by providing cost-effective solutions such as tree planting, as outlined in the new handbook.

FITEQ has already rolled out the programme in countries such as Indonesia ©FITEQ
FITEQ has already rolled out the programme in countries such as Indonesia ©FITEQ

"We're really encouraged with the progress that has been made with the Plant Together programme, especially in such a short space of time," said FITEQ head of corporate social responsibility and diplomatic relations Gergely Murányi.

"Creating positive change starts with having the right mindset and at FITEQ we want our National Federations to have one that is environmentally and socially conscious.

"Through the tree planting initiatives, our federations are demonstrating their commitment to being sustainable organisations, as well as an understanding of the need to act now.

"Not only is this programme contributing to a greener world, it is also a great way to get local communities involved and build awareness of the need for climate action."

Plant Together is already implemented in 17 countries.

The individual programmes are tailored by each National Federation and implemented with local partners and volunteers, with FITEQ providing financial support and assistance with delivery.