Riza Kayaalp won his tenth European Championship title in the men's 130kg category at the European Wrestling Championships ©Getty Images

Russia claimed a brace of gold medals as the Greco-Roman finals took centre stage on day six of the European Wrestling Championships in Warsaw, Poland.

Titles were up for grabs across five men’s Greco-Roman categories at the Sportawa COS Torwar Stadium at 55 kilograms, 63kg, 77kg, 87kg and 130kg.

Russia’s first gold came in the 55kg category when Emin Sefershaev beat Ekrem Ozturk of Turkey 7-0.

Bronze medals went to Eldaniz Azizli of Azerbaijan who beat Fabian Schmitt of Germany and Rudik Mkrtchyan of Armenia, who defeated Artsiom Katsar of Belarus - with both wrestlers winning 8-0.

Russia claimed their second gold of the day in the men’s 63kg category when Zhambolat Lokyaev defeated Taleh Mammadov of Azerbaijan 5-0.

Bronze medals went to Leri Abuladze of Georgia who beat Mihai Mihut of Romania 9-1 and Aleksandrs Jurkjans of Latvia who overcame Hrachya Poghosyan of Armenia 7-5.

In the process Jurkjans won Latvia’s first men’s Greco-Roman European medal since 1938.

In the men’s 77kg category gold went to Tamas Lorincz of Hungary who defeated Yunus Emre Basar of Turkey 8-0.

The bronze medals went to Antonio Kamenjasevic of Croatia who beat Michael Widmayer of Germany 5-1 and Sanan Suleymanov of Azerbaijan who overcame Dmytro Pyshkov of Ukraine 6-0.

In the men’s 87kg category gold went to Zurabi Datunashvili of Serbia who overcame Kiryl Maskevich of Belarus 5-1.

Bronze medals went to Milad Alirzaev of Russia who beat Turpan Ali Alvievich Bisultanov of Denmark 8-1 and Zhan Beleniuk of Ukraine who defeated Denis Maksymilian Kudla of Germany in a contest that ended 1-1.

The men’s 130kg category saw Riza Kayaalp of Turkey win his tenth European Championship title by beating Iakobi Kajaia of Georgia 3-1.

Bronze medals went to Eduard Popp of Germany who beat Oleksandr Chernetskyy of Ukraine 2-1 and Zurabi Gedekhauri of Russia who defeated Romas Fridrikas of Lithuania 3-2.