Vladimir Gajić and Ivana Jandrić held a masterclass in Novi Sad ©FIAS

Two of Serbia's top sambists, Ivana Jandrić and Vladimir Gajić, have held a class for approximately 50 athletes, coaches and referees in Novi Sad to share their knowledge of the sport.

The class taught new members of the national team some basic rules and also featured training exercises.

European Games champion and two-time world medallist Jandrić recalled moments where she faced challenges in major competitions when addressing the attendees. 

"Every year the number of sambists on our national competitions is growing and they are all young sportsmen which make me pretty happy," said Jandrić.

"I'm super proud to have the opportunity to share my experiences and my knowledge with them as I'm the oldest one in the women's team. 

"I hope someday some of those girls will take my steps or even bigger ones because I would feel proud to say I took some part in their rise."

Top Serbian sambo stars held the class the week before the National Championships ©FIAS
Top Serbian sambo stars held the class the week before the National Championships ©FIAS

Gajić won a bronze medal at the 2020 World Sambo Championships, which took place in Novi Sad under COVID-19 restrictions.

He focused on tactics and mentioned the small details that can be the difference between winning or losing.

Gajić also stressed the importance of the Serbian National Championships, set to decide selections for this year's European Championships in Cyprus in May.

A second part of the masterclass was held by referee Nataša Bošković, who taught other referees in attendance ahead of the National Championships.

National competition is set to be held tomorrow.

Serbian Sambo Federation President Tatjana Trivić and European Sambo Federation vice-president Patrik Drid oversaw the classes.