Footage dating back to the Barcelona 1992 Paralympics will be part of egoli Media's new content delivery ©Getty Images

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has appointed egoli Media, an Artificial Intelligence technology and media company, to oversee its content management and create new commercial avenues.

Secured until December 31 in 2024, the partnership will see egoli Media use its software to digitise and automatically log, tag and categorise all IPC-owned content.

This will enable better and quicker access to footage from previous and future Paralympics, as well as other major Para-sport events.

egoli's AI technology will be able to analyse and tag Paralympic content frame-by-frame to create a library and form a personalised search experience to identify Para-athletes, places, actions and brands.

This technology will also be able to allow users to search athletes according to the classification system.

Over 8,000 hours of footage from the Barcelona 1992 Paralympics to the present day will be digitised and catalogued, alongside World Para Sports Championships, associated photography and reports.

Up to 1,500 hours of live broadcast world feeds and non-televised footage from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics will be annotated and categorised through egoli, which will scan every second of content to automatically log and tag it.

"egoli's AI technology is at the forefront of sports content innovation and we have been impressed by the accuracy and depth their algorithms can capture," said Alexis Schäfer, IPC commercial, partnerships and broadcasting director.

"Manually logging video content is time consuming and labour intensive, as every single log is someone pointing at one moment or element in time in that video and putting that information into a log sheet.

"However, we now have AI technology that can do that job and more, as it unlocks thousands of data points in each event: it's able to recognise all the brands on screen, it has face recognition to track athletes in a race or match and follow them for the duration of it, and can even tell us if the background stands are empty or full of people cheering."

During this initial four-year partnership, the Los Angeles and London-based egoli Media will provide live annotation services for the Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024 Paralympics; deliver people recognition for Paralympic athletes from 1992 to 2004; and training of action, object and television graphic recognition across the 28 sports.

"With so much video content being created every day, the challenge of organising it and realising its value has become overwhelming for content creators and rights holders," said founder and chief executive of egoli Media, Caroline Rowland.

"The only way to access its value, is to make content searchable at a granular level.

"Our proprietary and ground-breaking AI means that rights holders can now dig deep into their archives as well as the new content they create, to find moments of extraordinary value.

"Simply put, this means accessing millions of dollars in secondary licensing revenues at a time when the traditional model is coming under huge pressure."

Rowland is best known for producing promotional videos during London's successful bid to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

She also directed FIRST: The Official Film of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Other services egoli Media provides include an inventory of all brands and logos featured from 1992 to 2024; the digitisation of tapes and upload of digital content to cloud storage; and the creation of a media asset management system.