Serbian actor Miloš Biković has been announced as an ambassador for the AIBA Men's World Championships ©AIBA

Serbian actor Miloš Biković has been announced as the first ambassador of this year's International Boxing Association (AIBA) Men’s World Championships in Belgrade.

His appointment was announced during a meeting between AIBA President Umar Kremlev and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

Serbia's capital Belgrade is set to host the World Championships in November, with exact dates for the event yet to be confirmed. 

"This year Serbia will host the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships, this is an incredibly important event for our country and the whole world," Biković said. 

"When I was offered to become the ambassador of the Championships, I realised that this, at first glance, an extraordinary decision has its logical explanation. 

"Today boxing needs to be popularised, and I am happy to support the idea of combining culture and boxing because it is not only a sport discipline, boxing is really a special culture. 

"And I, as a public figure, can draw the attention of people of all ages to the world of boxing, which develops such important character traits."

Biković is best known for his role in Sunstroke, directed by the Oscar-winning Nikita Mikhalkov. 

The 34-year-old is set to play a boxer in an upcoming role. 

"When I was preparing for the role, I started my training and fell in love with boxing, because its philosophy is close to me," Biković said. 

"Boxing is a noble sport, it teaches us to control our emotions, especially our aggression, to get through the pain; boxing teaches discipline, the ability to stand up for ourselves. 

"And the actor needs these values in his profession."

Biković revealed he would help promote the World Championships through social media, public speeches and broadcasts on television. 

Belgrade, which last held the Men's World Championships in 1978, was awarded this year's edition of the tournament in April after AIBA stripped New Delhi in India of the hosting rights.

It was claimed the Boxing Federation of India had not paid the hosting fee required as part of the host city agreement.

Kremlev discussed preparations for the tournament with Vučić during a visit to the Balkans for the Adriatic Pearl Championship, which began on Tuesday (February 16) in Budva in Montenegro. 

He also took the opportunity to meet with the Balkan Boxing League representatives and Presidents of the National Federations in the region.