Russia's Ivan Noskov has had results from 2015 scrapped following a re-test of a doping sample which showed traces of EPO ©Getty Images

Russian racewalker Ivan Noskov has been stripped of his team gold medal from the European Race Walking Cup after a reanalysis of his doping test sample showed a banned substance.

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) announced that all of Noskov's results from January 29 to June 2 2015 had been annulled, which included the European Race Walking Cup in Murcia in Spain.

According to the AIU, a re-test of Noskov's sample showed the presence of erythropoietin (EPO), a performance enhancing drug, leading to his results to be wiped. 

This does not affect his results at the 2014 European Championships, where he won the bronze medal.

Noskov was also an individual silver medallist in the 50 kilometre walk at the same competition, with his performance helping his team win the team title.

He finished behind team-mate Mikhail Ryzhov - who won the individual gold medal - and Roman Yevstifeyev, who finished fifth.

Ryzhov, winner of the 50km silver medal at the 2013 World Championships, was also banned for four years following an out-of-competition test in 2015.

Noskov was previously disqualified for the use of EPO and handed a four-year ban, which expired on July 14 last year. 

Mikhail Ryzhov and Ivan Noskov were both handed doping bans ©Getty Images
Mikhail Ryzhov and Ivan Noskov were both handed doping bans ©Getty Images

This latest re-test backdates his doping use to at least 2015, nullifying his results during this period. 

Noskov and Ryzhov were handed bans alongside European 2014 20km bronze medallist Denis Strelkov, Elmira Alembekova and Vera Sokolova - all race walkers.

Beijing 2008 20km race walk champion Valery Borchin recently completed an eight-year ban and ruled out a return to athletics.

More than 25 leading Russian walkers have been banned for doping violations in recent years, including two other Olympic champions.

London 2012 50km walk winner Sergey Kirdyapkin and Beijing 2008 women's 20km gold medallist and London 2012 silver medallist Olga Kaniskina have both been sanctioned. 

Sergei Bakulin, the 2011 world 50km champion, received an eight-year suspension in August 2019, while 2011 world silver medallist Vladimir Kanaykin is now banned for life.