The IHF has rejected claims of food poisoning among the Slovenian team at the Men's World Championships ©Getty Images

The International Handball Federation (IHF) has rejected a claim from Slovenia that the majority of their players had food poisoning during their clash with hosts Egypt at the Men's World Championships. 

The Slovenian Handball Federation released a statement criticising the Egyptian organisers after the country's exit from the tournament, claiming poor health and safety measures meant 12 players had got food poisoning.

According to the statement, the players "screamed in pain, vomited, and rushed to the toilets as if their lives were at stake" during the night before Slovenia's match with Egypt on Sunday (January 24). 

Slovenia went on to draw the match 25-25 and finish third in their group, subsequently crashing out of the competition. 

The IHF have debunked the allegations made by Slovenia after opening an investigation into the situation. 

The governing body claims that one Slovenian player reported to the health clinic at the team's hotel, the Cairo Marriott Hotel, in the evening after the match against Egypt. 

He complained of stomach problems and diarrhoea and was provided with medication to treat this. 

The IHF then alleges that the Slovenian head of delegation visited the clinic and claimed there were 14 players who had the same problem, but refused to let the players be examined by the doctor or be transferred to hospital. 

"We would like to emphasise at this point that any medical help which was offered, including any medicine for treatment, has been refused by the team doctor," the IHF statement said. 

Egypt and Slovenia drew 25-25 at the Men's World Championships on Sunday ©Getty Images
Egypt and Slovenia drew 25-25 at the Men's World Championships on Sunday ©Getty Images

The IHF claimed it did not receive complaints of a similar nature from other teams, even Belarus, which was sharing the same buffet and food as the Egyptian delegation.

It had been alleged by the Slovenian Handball Federation that nine unwell players had featured against Egypt, but there did not appear to be an indication that this was the case during the match. 

Egyptian Handball Federation President Hisham Nasr also disputed the claims, asking why the Slovenian team had not raised their concerns before the match with the hosts. 

"These allegations are inappropriate as the championship is being run in an extremely professional manner under the supervision of the IHF," he said, according to Sky News Arabia.

"The same hotel accommodates other teams in addition to several companions and press expeditions and all of them eat from the same open buffet with no complaints having been received from anyone."

The Men's World Championships is ongoing and has reached the semi-final stage.

Egypt were knocked out in the quarter-finals, leaving France, Sweden, Spain and Denmark.