Nekoda Davis is now working towards Paris 2024 rather than Tokyo 2020 ©Getty Images

Two-time world medallist Nekoda Davis will miss the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as the judoka continues to recover from the long-term effects of concussion.

Davies suffered a concussion in late 2019 and her recovery has been hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, which limited both training opportunities and rehabilitation treatment.

"Coming the back end of lockdown, I was already feeling like I was going to stumble upon problems coming back to judo," Davis said.

"Things just didn't feel right."

Once Davis was able to return to more normal judo training in August, she had "basically just lost all my tolerance to contact training". 

Davis reported dizzyness and light-headedness when practicing so took a break from training, although symptoms such as intolerance to light continued and escalated.

Now diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and balance issues, Davis has been advised by a neurologist that another blow to the head could have serious, career-threatening repercussions. 

With this in mind, Davis and the British Judo Association have decided not to try and compete in this year's Olympics and instead focus on Paris 2024 and prioritising Davis' long-term health.

"I think I'm on this really long journey to getting back to whatever normal is going to be for me," Davis explained.

"Until then contact is obviously out of the question, I'm not going to be cleared to do contact anyway.

"It just made me think do I want to risk it for potentially one day this year?

"Or do I want to take it slow and go step-by-step and potentially have loads more days of doing this sport that I love to do?"

Davis won a silver medal in the under-57 kilograms division in Baku in 2018, and a bronze one year earlier in Budapest.

In addition, Davis was Commonwealth Games champion in 2014 and has won two International Judo Federation Grand Slam events.