Tencent Cloud will support World Rowing indoor events ©Getty Images

Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of Tencent, has partnered with World Rowing to deliver a virtual indoor rowing championships in real-time.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Tencent and World Rowing, which will reportedly deepen their long-term collaboration.

World Rowing said Tencent Cloud will provide global live streaming, video-on-demand and other technological support for the 2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships.

The event is scheduled to take place from February 23 to 27.

"Even though we are all facing challenging times, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous growth in our indoor rowing community because it embraces not only ‘water’ rowers but many others who have taken up the sport for the great full-body health and fitness it offers," said Matt Smith, World Rowing executive director.

"For the first time, our 2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships will be held virtually and, with Tencent Cloud’s support, we know that we can deliver a video production worthy of its Championship status.

"Our global rowing community is a strong and substantial one so we are very pleased and proud to now be joined by one of the world’s leading tech companies which will help us continue to grow and promote this great sport."

World Rowing said it will also collaborate closely with Tencent Cloud to enhance live video production, signal distribution, communication and promotion of future sports events.

This will include the 2021 World Rowing Championship, scheduled to take place in Shanghai in October, which will use Tencent Cloud’s live video broadcasting solutions and well-established global infrastructure.

Tencent Cloud and World Rowing say they plan to build a stronger relationship by tapping into Tencent’s wider ecosystem overlaying social media, sports, e-commerce and more.

"The pandemic has completely changed the rules of the game in every single sector, and digitalisation has become more critical than ever," said Poshu Yeung, vice-president of Tencent Cloud International.

"We are honoured to leverage our expertise on this front to support World Rowing to present its first-ever virtual indoor championships seamlessly to audience worldwide.

"With our determination to explore closer and stronger collaboration in the long run, Tencent Cloud is dedicated to facilitating the digital upgrades of World Rowing, our valued partner in the sports industry."