COCH will now work with plastic surgeon Hector Valdes, second from right ©COCH

The Chilean Olympic Committee (COCH) has reached a collaboration agreement with a renowned plastic surgeon to operate without charging medical fees to Team Chile athletes who need a procedure related to alternations in sports performance.

Hector Valdes will work with COCH athletes who need to solve these issues.

He will join as an external collaborator, coordinating between the COCH medical team - led by Alejandro Orizola and his professional team.

Their collaboration will be based on the medical and functional criteria that athletes must meet in order to be evaluated by Valdes and his team.

If necessary, surgery will be authorised with costs associated with any operation and other medical fees being covered through insurance or health agreements.

President of the COCH, Miguel Ángel Mujica, welcomed the new collaboration with Hector Valdes ©Getty Images
President of the COCH, Miguel Ángel Mujica, welcomed the new collaboration with Hector Valdes ©Getty Images

"For our committee it is an honour to have the collaboration of a doctor with the parchments of Hector Valdes," said President of the COCH, Miguel Ángel Mujica.

"We are very grateful for this help that he is making available to our athletes."

Valdes received a doctorate from the University of Chile and has also notably studied and worked in Spain and Brazil.

"Chilean athletes strive every day to represent our country and are an example of personal and spiritual well-being," said Valdes.

"It is with great enthusiasm that I have joined the medical staff of the Chilean Olympic Committee to help with whatever is within my power to achieve their goals and their brands.

"Team Chile athletes are always exposed to having functional aesthetic conditions that decrease their performance, having the collaboration of Dr. Valdes will undoubtedly be a great benefit for them."

Valdes is a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Rio de Janeiro as well as a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

He has collaborated in various scientific activities and studies and has participated in numerous Congresses and conferences in Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, France and the United States.