Panam Sports hopes to adapt its Pre-Games camp to the latest restrictions ©Panam Sports

Panam Sports says it is in ongoing dialogue with the City of Tachikawa to ensure its pre-Games training camp "blends seamlessly" to allow athletes to acclimatise and prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

An agreement was signed by Panam Sports and Tachihi Holdings in 2018 for the pre-Games training camp.

Panam Sports said at the time that the main objective of this camp is to allow more than 300 athletes from the Americas who have qualified to the Olympics to train and prepare in Japan before the Opening Ceremony.

This included allowing athletes to acclimatise to conditions in Japan as they make final preparations prior to the Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed earlier this month that athletes will be expected to arrive in the Tokyo 2020 Athletes' Village five days prior to their competition and depart a maximum of two days afterwards.

The IOC requested that National Olympic Committees (NOCs) adapt their arrival and departure plans to fit in with new rules designed to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread.

This decision was aimed at reducing and minimising the number of residents in the Olympic Village to lessen the risk of COVID exposure.

Panam Sports secretary general Ivar Sisniega said the organisation was in regular contact with Tachikawa to adapt to the changing situation.

Panam Sports agreed to hold a pre-Games training camp in Tachikawa back in 2018 ©Panam Sports
Panam Sports agreed to hold a pre-Games training camp in Tachikawa back in 2018 ©Panam Sports

"The big issue we have now, where we have communication with the IOC, is the new indication they will only be receiving athletes in the Olympic Village five days before their competition commences," Sisniega said, during the Panam Sports virtual General Assembly today.

"Our main sport - the one where we have the biggest representation - is athletics which is in the second week of the Games.

"We are trying to make sure that the Tachikawa training camp is able to blend seamlessly, allowing athletes to arrive 10 days or two weeks before their events.

"This will increase their chances for success."

Panam Sports says it also intends to support National Olympic Committees and their athletes with preparations for the Games with a series of training camps.

The continental body arranged 20 training camps in 2019 and had hoped to increase the number held this year.

Only two training camps were able to take place, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing the cancellation of the remainder.

Sisniega said Panam Sports was in contact with continental federations to devise training camps in 2021.

The camps will be aimed at helping athletes either qualify or prepare for the Games.