World Archery has held a series of online Committee meetings ©World Archery

World Archery secretary general Tom Dielen said joint Committee meetings in November provided "productive discussions" for the sport's future as it aims to emerge from the coronavirus crisis.

Meetings were held online throughout the month, with more than 50 conference calls arranged by the governing body over a two-week period.

World Archery President Uğur Erdener began the series of meetings with an introduction, prior to individual Committee discussions and combined sessions.

The governing body said safeguarding, gender equity, COVID-19 measures at events and sustainability were among the key topics discussed.

Efforts to better integrate Para-archery, including classification, into World Archery rules was another key topic.

"The productive discussions held across the last few weeks showcased that archery's elected officials, who all give up their time as volunteers, are a real strength," Dielen said.

"Some of the ideas put forward during the joint Committee meetings will now become proposals for concrete changes that will position the sport for a better future as we emerge from this challenging time."

World Archery said parts of a new strategy were also included as part of the agenda for the meetings.

A draft will be discussed at the World Archery Executive Board meeting on December 12.

Concrete proposals are then expected to be made at the World Archery Congress next September.

World Archery secretary general Tom Dielen said the discussions were positive for the future of the sport ©Getty Images
World Archery secretary general Tom Dielen said the discussions were positive for the future of the sport ©Getty Images

The governing body added that its newly created Electoral Board also met for the first time, with the aim of setting the timeline and deadlines for the Congress.

Typically, Committee meetings are held at least every two years at the World Archery headquarters in Lausanne, but they were moved online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

World Archery said there were some challenges, such as the time zones of delegates, but added that there were also significant benefits.

Cross-Committee meetings were found to have been shorter but more frequent, which is claimed to create "greater synergies" between the different groups while facilitating a more productive discourse.

The use of an online platform was found to make sharing information and recording the outcomes of discussions easier.

World Archery said this gave Committees the opportunity to better define their roles within the World Archery governance structure.

A framework will now be approved by the Electoral Board and published ahead of candidatures opening for September's elections.