A promotional video for Umar Kremlev's campaign has been released ©Umar Kremlev

A promotional video for Umar Kremlev’s campaign to become International Boxing Association (AIBA) President has been released by media channel Boxing Highlights C4TV.

The near-six-minute YouTube video declares that Kremlev is the "only worthy candidate for AIBA Presidency".

"He is the only one deserving, who has all the qualities to lead and revive AIBA," the video claims.

The video calls on people to support and vote for Kremlev at the AIBA Congress, which is scheduled for December 12 and 13.

Kremlev is one of seven candidates standing to complete the four-year term of Uzbekistan’s Gafur Rakhimov, who stood down in March 2019 following allegations of heroin trafficking.

Morocco’s Mohamed Moustahsane, who has acted as Interim President since Rakhimov’s resignation, is also among those standing in the election.

Azerbaijan’s Suleyman Mikayilov and the United Arab Emirates' Anas Al Otaiba, the Asian Boxing Confederation President, are seeking the position.

The field is completed by the Dominican Republic's Domingo Solano, Germany's Ramie Al-Masri and Boris van der Vorst, President of the Dutch Boxing Federation.

Kremlev is currently the secretary general of the Russian Boxing Federation as well as first vice-president of the European Boxing Confederation, and a member of the AIBA Executive Committee.

He announced his candidacy for AIBA Presidency in October during a press conference in Moscow, which was streamed online.

The promotional video is the latest effort to secure support prior to the election later this month.

"Leaders of the National Federations appreciate his achievements and they are sure that Kremlev will be able to make AIBA a respected, honest and open sports organisation," the video claims.

"Umar Kremlev is ready to apply his experience, knowledge and competence as the President of AIBA. 

"Kremlev is going to revive the former greatness of AIBA.

"Kremlev will carry out financial reforms and allocate two million dollars every year for the development of national federations around the world."

The promotional video highlights Kremlev’s support for the launch of AIBA Continental Forums, the Global Boxing Foundation and World Boxing Day.

It also notes charity work undertaken during the coronavirus pandemic and support in hosting international events.

The video repeats Kremlev’s claim that he will pay off AIBA’s debt within six months and to attract at least $50 million (£38 million/€42 million) in sponsorship over the next two years.

AIBA’s debt reportedly stands at $20 million (£15 million/€17 million).

Repayment of the debt has been an issue addressed by candidates, who have outlined differing timelines for doing so.

Mikayilov has claimed he would remove debt within 100 days with the creation of a CHF25 million (£21 million/$27 million/€23 million) fund from unnamed sponsors and partners from Azerbaijan and other European countries.

AIBA will elect a new President at the governing body's virtual Congress later this month ©AIBA
AIBA will elect a new President at the governing body's virtual Congress later this month ©AIBA

Al Otaiba revealed in his manifesto that he is targeting resolving the debt issues within one year.

Van der Vorst has warned the embattled body's membership "not to believe promises" of a quick resolution to its financial troubles, with the Dutch Boxing Federation head pledging to restructure deals with creditors.

Al-Masri's manifesto has also called for AIBA's financial system to be reformed, with the official saying expenses and running costs should be reduced.

He has pledged to negotiate with creditors in an attempt to convert debts into sponsorships, as well as seeking to find new sponsors and better use of technology.

The debt situation is one of the factors facing the next AIBA President, along with convincing the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over AIBA's reforms and the suitability of the election winner. 

The IOC last week said it would "take into consideration the concerns which have been raised against some of the candidates for the AIBA Presidency and their potential impact on recognition".

The IOC did not directly name any of the seven officials running for President in the December 12 election.

AIBA has no involvement in the boxing tournament at Tokyo 2020, but is seeking to restore its status within the IOC in time for Paris 2024.