Modern pentathlete Yane Marques was one of the most popular candidates for CACOB ©Getty Images

The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) has announced the 25 members of the COB Athletes' Commission (CACOB) that will represent the nation's athletes for the Paris 2024 Olympics cycle.

On November 11, COB announced the members of its new Athletes' Commission, with the athlete with the most votes being taekwondo's Diogo Silva with 47 votes.

Other popular additions were Poliana Okimoto of swimming, Yane Marques of modern pentathlon, Gustavo Guimarães of water polo, volleyball's Rodrigo Santana, handball's Eduarda Amorim, athletics' Adriana Aparecida da Silva and Fabiano Peçanha; and rugby's Beatriz Futuro - who all received over 25 votes.

These athletes have all been added, having met the eligibility of being an Olympian from London 2012, Rio 2016, Sochi 2014 or Pyeongchang 2018.

The others added from the previous two Games were: handball's Thiagus Petrus, rugby's Lucas Duque, rowing's Fernanda Ferreira, basketball's Iziane Marques, gymnastics' Francisco Barretto Junior, bobsledder Edson Bindilatti, volleyball's Barbara Seixas, boxing's Juan Nogueira, sailing's Isabel Swan, shooting's Emerson Duarte, gymnastics' Arthur Zanetti and canoeing's Ana Satila.

Ana Satila is one of 25 members on the new COB Athletes' Commission ©ICF
Ana Satila is one of 25 members on the new COB Athletes' Commission ©ICF

Those who were elected who competed before London 2012 were basketball's Hortência Macari, athletics' Jefferson Sabino and Clodoaldo Lopes de Carmo; and tennis' Joana Cortez.

A total of 374 athletes who competed in a Games from London 2012 to Pyeongchang 2018 participated in the election - around 66 per cent of the total number who were eligible to vote.

This is more than double the participation registered in 2016 when just 170 athletes - or around 27 per cent - voted.

"Increasing the athletes' participation in sports management and in the Brazilian Olympic Committee has always been one of the most important directions to our administration," said COB President Paulo Wanderley.

"The record number of Olympic athletes choosing their representatives on the Commission, after a historic participation of the Commission in the electoral process of the Brazilian Olympic Committee itself, demonstrates that we are on the right way to value each of our athletes.

"Congratulations on the success of the CACOB's election for the Paris 2024 cycle."

Gender equity was ensured, giving the 10 most voted men and women a seat on the Commission, while 16 sports will be represented on CACOB too.

A total of 19 of the 25 members will be entitled to voting power for the next cycle too.