By David Gold

jordanne whiley_23-01-121January 23 - Jordanne Whiley (pictured), Britain's youngest ever wheelchair tennis champion, is hoping to make it a summer to remember this year as she bids for glory at Wimbledon in July and then at the London 2012 Paralympic Games a few weeks later.

Whiley, the current world number 13 singles player and number eight in doubles, told insideworldparasport about the targets she had set.

"I'm aiming for two medals [at London 2012]," she said.

"I definitely want one to be gold but I think it's realistic to be aiming for two medals.

"It's a lot of hard work and I've been out recently with a minor injury so with a lot of hard work and dedication there is no reason why I can't do it."

And can she claim glory both at Wimbledon and then at the Games?

"Yeah I don't see why not," Whiley said.

"That's exactly my aim and we'll have to wait and see."

Whiley has invaluable Paralympic Games experience already, having competed in the Beijing 2008 Games aged just 16, where she lost in the quarter-finals.

"It's a massive help going to Beijing and getting all the experience and atmosphere as I know what to expect in London," she said.

"I'll know how to control my nerves and what to expect – that will help me in my preparation going there.

"Beijing was the best thing I ever did – at the time I was really disappointed as I had a really good draw.

"I got so nervous and couldn't concentrate but looking back now I'm not disappointed as it was a learning curve.

"I didn't want to go into London having that exact problem so I know what it's like."

The Birmingham born star won the British singles title at the age of just 14 in 2007 and won the title again the following year.

She has won a number of other tournaments since and is currently in Melbourne for the Australian Open, one of the highlights of the tennis calendar.

One of the high points of her short career to date was an appearance for the first time at Wimbledon earlier this year.

lucy shuker_and_Jordanne_Whiley_16-12-11
She teamed up with Britain's highest ranking woman in the sport, Lucy Shuker (pictured left), in the doubles, where they reached the semi-finals before crashing out.

"It was amazing," she said.

"I had fun and my parents were there and I had the public behind me so it was loads of fun and I really hope I'm there next year as it was just great."

She will have the home crowd behind her again in London, and to help with that Whiley has been part of Cadbury's Keep Team GB Pumped campaign, which looks to get the public involved in the Games by cheering British athletes to success in 2012.

"I really do think it'll be a good thing because for an athlete it's great to know the public is behind you in every way," Whiley said of the campaign.

"Doing this it will make everyone pumped up and realise the public really is behind them."

novak djokovic_16-12-11
Whiley though, admits that she hugely admires world number one Novak Djokovic (pictured), but says that she is not a fan of British number one Andy Murray.

"I am quite a big Djokovic fan – I always watch him when I can and I was with him at the Australian Open when he won [against Murray]," she said.

"Secretly I was rooting for Djokovic because I am such a massive fan.

"I know Murray is British but I'm not a fan of him, I don't like his aura.

"I watched [Djokovic] at Wimbledon and was so happy he won.

"I think he's amazing, his skills are incredible and he is an amazing person."

And if they were to meet at the final of Wimbledon next year?

"Yeah I definitely would be [rooting for Djokovic]," admits Whiley.

And even if that's cost her one fan next year, she'll have thousands more to count on.

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