The IPC is set to sign an "historic" agreement with the IDA ©International Disability Alliance

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is planning to launch its "biggest global communications campaign to date" with the support of the International Disability Alliance (IDA) as it bids to "change the world".

IPC President Andrew Parsons hailed the IDA as an "absolute leader in global disability rights" and felt the organisation could help to "empower the lives of the world’s one billion persons with disabilities".

A statement from IPC revealed IDA was set to sign a "historic" agreement to "advance the rights of persons with disabilities" and "jointly commit to use Para sport as a vehicle to drive the human rights agenda forward".

The two organisations are expected to work together to develop inclusive communications campaigns, collaborate on major events such as the IPC inclusion summit and global disability summit and explore areas of shared interest around strategy, policy development, research and communication.

Parsons said it was an "extremely important and strategic agreement" and would help to strengthen the Paralympic Movement.

"The IPC is first and foremost a sport organisation, we also wish to change the world," said Parsons.

"Collaborating with an organisation like IDA, an absolute leader in global disability rights, will help us do just that.

"We want to work closely with like-minded organisations who share our passion to challenge the stigma attached to disability, empower social transformation and drive the human rights agenda to make for a more inclusive society for all.  IDA ticks all three boxes.

"With IDA, we will collaborate on a range of initiatives that will extend the impact of the Paralympic Movement beyond sporting events.

IPC President Andrew Parsons believes the IDA will help
IPC President Andrew Parsons believes the IDA will help "extend the impact of the Paralympic Movement beyond sporting events" ©Getty Images

"We will work together to advance the implementation of the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and the sustainable development goals and empower the lives of the world’s one billion persons with disabilities.

"Ahead of Tokyo 2020 we are looking to launch our biggest global communications campaign to date and aim to partner with several global organisations such as IDA to maximise the impact and reach.

"This is a very exciting partnership for us."

Founded in 1999, IDA is an alliance of networks bringing together more than 1,100 organisations of persons with disabilities and their families in over 180 countries.  

IDA chair Ana Lucia Arellano said the agreement with the IPC was an "historic move for the disability rights movement".

"This partnership also represents IDA commitments to promote Para sports and a recognition of sports as a universal language," added Lucia Arellano.

"The IPC is an important organisation for empowering social transformation towards an inclusive world and at IDA we continually strive to ensure that all persons with disabilities are included in all aspects of society, and in all parts of the world.

"We are so excited to be part of a movement that does not accept any barriers to participation in sports, and one that creates equal opportunities for all.

"Article 30 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities relates to participation in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport.

"At IDA, we recognise the facets of diversity that enable equal participation, including the right of persons with disabilities to take part on an equal basis with others in cultural life.

"We’re pleased that there is recognition of our rights to participate in sport and are committed to working closely with the IPC to realise this for all groups from all regions of the world and to reach as many people as possible."